Other Treatments

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow shape £10.00
Eyebrow tint * £10.00
Eyelash tint * £14.00
Eyebrow shape & tint * £18.00

*A patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment

Lady having her legs waxed


Prior to the treatment - the area being waxed will be cleansed using a specially formulated pre-cleansing lotion.

A thin layer of heated wax is then applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the wax as it cools and is then pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, taking the hair with it.

Once the waxing has been completed, a soothing lotion is applied to nourish and calm the skin helping it to recover quickly from the waxing treatment.

Aftercare advice

Full leg £22.00
3/4 leg £18.00
1/2 leg £15.00
Underarm £10.00
Forearm £12.00
Bikini from £11.00
Lip or chin from £7.00
Lip & chin from £12.00
Eyebrow £10.00

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