Manicure & pedicure products

Hands & Feet

Choose from a whole range of treatments from a simple re-varnish to a luxurious manicure or pedicure. Whichever you choose, only the highest quality products are used.

Treat your hands & feet with the respect they deserve!


Re-varnish £8.00
Re-varnish with French polish £10.00
Reshape & varnish £14.00
Reshape & French polish £16.00
Mini manicure (reshape, cuticles & polish) £18.00
Mini manicure with French polish £20.00
Luxury manicure £28.00
Luxury manicure with French polish £30.00
Rhinestones 50p each


Reshape & varnish £16.00
Reshape & French polish £20.00
Pedicure (file, cuticles, foot file, cream & polish) £40.00
Rhinestones 50p each

Innovative Callus removal treatment

Lie back and relax while this treatment softens hard calluses quickly, leaving clean and soft skin and can be taken as a stand alone treatment or combined with other treatments. Find out more

UV Gel Polish Treatments

They look just like nail polish, they feel just like nail polish, but there’s no risk of smudging and they last for up 2 weeks!

For the fingers £20.00
For the fingers with manicure £28.00
For the toes £22.00
For the toes with pedicure £34.00
Removal £5.00

Bedazzled By Beauty also provides Bio Sculpture Gel for your hands and feet - view our Bio Sculpture Gel treatments

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